Qualifications and Honors

Heqin communication technology co., Ltd is a communication engineering service provider. The company's main business is: tower manufacturing, communications engineering services, communications operations and maintenance services, and ICT integration services. Heqin communications has a series of professional qualifications, including General contracting of Grade I communication engineering construction, Grade II professional contracting of electronic and intelligent engineering, Grade II professional contracting of architectural decoration and decoration engineering, Class A communication network maintenance, Grade III foundation and foundation works, Grade III intelligent building projects, and Communication users pipeline construction enterprise qualification. Its registered capital is 152 million yuan. In addition, it is also a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center of multi-functional and environment-friendly communication tower, and a AAA grade honest unit for industrial and commercial enterprises in Zhejiang province.
National high-tech enterprises
safety production license
Zhejiang high-tech enterprise research and development center
General contracting of Grade I communication engineering construction
Class A information communication network system integration
Communication users pipeline construction enterprise qualification
Grade II electronic and intelligent engineering professional contracting
Grade III steel structure engineering professional contract

Other honors

Advanced units of Communications network maintenance service support
Excellent service provider award
Excellent supplier award
Excellent maintenance partner of China tower in 2016
Zhejiang famous trademark
Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise
Zhejiang province famous brand product certificate
National high-tech enterprise certificate
Beijing Tongzhou Liandong industrial park M indoor coverage system engineering was awarded Zhejiang high quality communication engineering
AAA grade "honesty and trustworthiness" unit
Provincial excellent industrial new product technology (combined basic communication tower)
Advanced unit for communications security of the second world Internet conference

Excellent cooperative unit in 2015
AAA credit rating certificate
2014-2015 Innovative advanced unit of national communication network maintenance service management
2014 excellent partner of engineering construction
Award of the best antenna feeder and tower maintenance company in 2014
2014 winning prize of cooperative partner (comprehensive maintenance)

2013-2014 Customer satisfaction enterprise of national communication network operation and maintenance service
2014 best wireless integration maintenance company
the best antenna feeder and tower maintenance company
AAA credit rating certificate of bank in 2013
Top 50 national communication network maintenance service enterprises in 2013-2014

Shanghai telecom operation and maintenance qualified supplier (wireless professional)
Jinhua excellent enterprise "golden star award"

Qualified supplier of Shanghai telecom material
Advanced collective of Shanghai telecom infrastructure construction and sharing
Excellent partner of Fuzhou mobile in Jiangxi province
National advanced unit of maintenance service management innovation in 2011-2012
2010-2012 Jiangxi telecom tower mast products, iron tower installation, iron tower maintenance excellent supplier

Shanghai mobile engineering construction excellent partner
Zhejiang jinhua mobile "advanced unit for solving station construction problems"

No.1 of Zhejiang mobile full service maintenance comprehensive eva luation
Jiaxing, Huzhou and Shaoxing offices won the excellent representative office of Zhejiang mobile
Excellent cooperation units of Shaoxing mobile, Huzhou mobile and Quzhou mobile

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Production base:no. 298 Anwen road, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province Contact number:0579-82235919

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